Directions to Our Office From Raffles Place MRT (If It’s Raining):

1. From Raffles Place MRT walk towards Exit A but make a left u-turn into Raffles X’Change (it’s an underpass that leads towards Chevron House)


2. Walk down but turn right immediately after you walk past the small passageway. Turn right and walk towards Guardian. 

At Guardian, turn left and walk down until you see the sign on top that points you to Chevron House.


3. Once you see the sign on top, turn left and walk out of Raffles X’Change towards Chevron House.


4. After walking out of Raffles X’change, take the escalator up one level to the ground floor.

5. Once you get off the escalator, turn right and walk out past the ATMs.


6. Continue walking only for a short distance as Clifford Centre will be the next building. Turn left and enter into Clifford Centre building


7. After entering into Clifford Centre building, take the escalator up to level 2.


8. Once you get off the escalator at level 2, walk diagonally right towards the office lobby.



9. After walking down, turn left and walk to the end of the office lobby.



10. Use the inner 4 elevators which will go up to level 2 to 20 only. You will need to take the lift up to level 10.

At level 10, turn right and walk straight. You will then arrive at our office!


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